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How GEE Can Help


Ground Effects can manage an entire project for you from start to finish or manage focused parts of a project, whatever makes your life easier. We've developed an array of In Situ technologies to help you with problems that won't go away. And we also have Air and Wastewater remediation solutions if that's what's needed, too.

Is there a problem that’s making your budget do a slow bleed? That’s wreaking havoc on your critical path? That’s the reason for that annoying twitch in the corner of your eye? Then you’ve come to the right place, my friend.    

Just because something’s always been done a certain way before, doesn’t mean that’s what Ground Effects does. Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. We ask, "How can this be done better?" And then we innovate.    

We build our MPVEs with 300% fewer parts. All our systems have a 99.9% runtime. So let’s just say, our design team has the highest standards out there.    

Our Ground Effects Field Team has installed remediation in the remotest of locations or the busiest of cities. Fast. Efficiently. And right the first time. Isn’t that a relief?   

We can help you run the system or pilot study wherever you need. Of course, we also have amazing remote telemetry so we can run systems anywhere on the planet – from anywhere on the planet.    

Our customers enjoy an industry-leading 99.9% runtime on our equipment, so this step is rarely needed. But just in case it is, we have top-notch service people ready at the drop of a hat.  

Sniff…it’s always hard to say goodbye, but it does happen. (And sooner than you think because our equipment is so efficient.) Ground Effects can handle all the details in decommissioning a site. Including doing a moment of silence when it’s all over.

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