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Company Profile

A 99.9% RUNTIME...

We remember when equipment was built to last. (You know, when equipment wasn’t designed to break down after a certain amount of time so the parts department would always be busy.) Ground Effects Environmental Group’s aim is to design, create and manufacture equipment so solidly engineered that it will outlast us all. And that’s why our remediation equipment achieves an industry-leading 99.9% runtime record and the lowest lifecycles costs around. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, we’re one of the largest environmental remediation companies in North America. We’re ISO 9001 2000 registered and lead the way in developing new in situ technologies (70+ and counting…), equipment and methods to remove contaminants from sites. We rent, sell and custom-manufacture environmental systems that help you treat soil, air and ground water onsite – fast, easy and with little or no maintenance. From the best solutions. Comes the best equipment.

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