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Remediation Accessories

bag-filtersBAG FILTERS

GEE bag filters are tougher than tough. And completely easy to clean. Choose from a variety of filter screens and sizes. The only non-optional thing about them is how hardy they are.



Some of our clients need a little boost in the morning. So, we can install a Tim Hortons®, stainless steel java maker in the GEE TITAN. (Coffee and daily newspaper not included.)

pressure-transmittersPRESSURE TRANSMITTERS

An option when you get the GEE Satellite Telemetry System (which is pretty fabulous, if we do say ourselves). Receive immediate pressure information right when you need it.

solar-panelSOLAR PANEL

Yeah, at GEE we even put the sun to work. We can include solar panels for any remediation system that¹s less than 5 HP. Perfect for remote sites where power's not available.

satellite-telemetrySATELLITE TELEMETRY

Have control issues? Good. Then control your systems from the comfort of our workspace. Have the option to check on your equipment via your computer or the Web from anywhere in the world. Touch screen controls are also available.

inline-lel-transmittersINLINE LEL TRANSMITTERS

Designed for inline mass removal rates, these infrared transmitters are the crème de la crème. Choose from local display or 4-20 ma outputs. Lots of options. All of them mighty fine.

ambient-lel-transmittersAMBIENT LEL TRANSMITTERS

However you want to get the data you need is up to you. How it's done is up to us. We have great ambient LEL options...catalytic, infrared, localdisplay or 4-20 ma outputs. Get 'em while they're hot, boys.

liquid-flow-totalizer-meterLIQUID FLOW TOTALIZER METER

We're all about choice. We have turbine, magnetic flow meters and coriolis options available. Plus, choose from local display or a 4-20 ma output.

flame-detection-sensorFLAME DETECTION SENSOR

Talk about sensitive. This little unit detects sparks or flames of practically any size and automatically shuts down the system. It stops accidents before they can even get a foothold.

airflow-transmittersAIR FLOW TRANSMITERS

Let's face it, people don't sit around the water cooler talking about these things. But, sometimes you need them—so, local display or 4-20 ma output options are available.

vacuum-transmittersVACUUM TRANSMITTERS

Information is power. Even at the smallest levels. Our transmitters relay the vacuum pressures to our GEE Satellite Telemetry System via the Net. Forget the field personnel.

cruz-controlCRUZ CONTROL

A sole GEE innovation. CRUZ control constantly monitors the wells and pulls out as much air as possible to optimize airflow. Just like your vehicle, if it needs to speed up or slow down, it does.


With our GEE Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) with CRUZ Control, you can change the speed and optimization of the vacuum pumps based on changes inflow or pressure. Now that's sweet.

temperature-transmittersTEMPERATURE TRANSMITTERS

Our temperature transmitters upload up-to-the-second information to our Satellite Telemetry System over the Internet. Say goodbye to sending field personnel out. 

human-machine-interfaceHUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE

Wouldn't a touch screen computer integrated right into an MPVE system be pretty cool? We thought so, too. Simple menu options makes for easy access. And, no more switches.

wireless-vacuum-transmittersWIRELESS VACUUM TRANSMITTERS

When it comes to results, we go for the jugular. GEE's Wireless Vacuum Transmitters can measure ROI (Radius of Influence) in both vertical and horizontal extraction well applications. Get results, faster and easier.


M-PAK is the most efficient oil coalescing media pack around. You can use it on DNAPL or LNAPL. It's high end. Heavy duty. And lasts longer than anything out there.

carbon-treatmentCARBON TREATMENT

Hear ye. Hear ye. Get your air or liquid phase carbon contactor vessels here. Backwash option available. You know they'll be good, because, well...our name's on 'em.

automated-valvesAUTOMATED VALVES

A killer addition to air sparging or MPE/SVE systems, our automated valves increase control and efficiency to either system. Controlled by PLC Logic, you can operate them remotely via the Net.

electric-motorsELECTRIC MOTORS

Get your motor runnin'...we have XP and TEFC motors. Any size, voltage or configuration available. And get this—we have wholesale prices to go with them. Isn't that great? 

Micro-slotted Well Screen

Designed for air sparging/bio-remediation, our GEE Micro-slotted Well Screen is made so no sand pack is required. Its technology means no backflow (ever), easy maintenance, minimum airflow requirements and excellent mass transfer.

Pre-manufactured Wellheads

High-quality, pre-manufactured wellheads that are easy to install so they keep personnel costs low and field time even lower. They’re also of the highest quality, so you know they’ll last. Choose from DPVE non-priming, DPVE priming, bioslurping, skimming and total fluids recovery and get ready to start saving time and money.

PVC Fittings

PVC fittings…get ‘yer PVC fittings here! Yes, you can get PVC fittings in almost any configuration you need from GEE and for a great price. Bushings, tees, elbows, radius bends, couplings, crosses, outlets, adapters, saddles, wyes and extensions, you name it.







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