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Multi-Phase Extraction

In addition to offering these units for sale, we also offer them as Multi-Phase Extraction Rental, or Used Multi-Phase Extraction units.

MPE 2700
MPE 2400
MPE 2415 H.O.
MPE 2400 GSS
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MPE 2700

At every step, our team focuses on making our equipment powerful, flexible and easy to maintain. Our Multi-Phase Extractor 2700 Series is another example of our thinking in action. It can achieve higher flow rates and handle more pressure than any system before it, while remaining an extremely quiet system to operate in residential areas. Our unique approach results in a series of firsts, such as our exclusive Multi-Motor Design (MMD), which allows you to easily change the motor and gearing, and our Integrated Treatment System (ITS).


  • M-Pak® Coalescing Media
  • Double containment floor
  • Integrated Treatment System (ITS)
  • LEL sensors
  • Air/liquid flow meters
  • Satellite alarm systems and telemetry.
  • Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS) option available. (See page 36 of catalogue for more information.)
  • Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer



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MPE 2400

When we started designing our MPE 2400, we didn't look at what had been done before...
we looked at what hadn't been done before. The result: smart engineering from the ground up. Less moving parts. Less maintenance. And a host of engineering firsts.




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MPE 2415 H.O.

MPE 2415 H.O. What makes the MPE 2415  H.O. (High Output) system perfect for pilot studies is that it is a mobile, diesel-operated system that can be set up in 15 minutes. Also available for emergency response, the system holds enough fuel for 10 days of continuous use, is compact and quiet enough for residential operations and comes with a pneumatic fracturing system option. Now, that¹s perfection.

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MPE 2400 GSS

The MPE 2400 Gas Station Special offers enhanced water treatment capability coupled with a compact 4' X 9' footprint and tough custom enclosure a bank could learn a few tricks from. It's extremely efficient and completely secure anywhere on your lot. So, it can take care of whatever problem comes your way.


  • Custom-manufactured MPE systems to suit your needs and changing conditions.
  • Allows for stand-alone usage or integration with integral water treatment systems.


  •  Dry contactless vacuum pumps mean no messy oil to deal with.
  •  Low maintenance.
  •  Less moving parts than regular MPVE's.
  •  Compact and quiet.


All of GEE's MPE processes can be seriously enhanced when used in conjunction with some of our other technologies. Take a look:

Using the GEE MPE with the GEE Pneumatic Fracturing System:

Using the GEE MPE with the GEE's Pneumatic AirLift System:
MPVE-PALS process WP

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