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Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS)


When used in conjunction with an MPVE system and GEE Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS), the GEE Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS) adds some significant advantages. Designed to pneumatically fracture tight soils such as clay, the GEE PFS causes fracturing by injecting air (or gases) at a pressure exceeding the natural strength and in situ stresses already in the formation. Essentially, it acts like a push/pull system by increasing the differential pressure. Then our MPVE system comes in and does the rest. The result? PFS helps cut down remediation time and clobber your costs down where they belong. To read in-depth about how GEE's PFS works read this White Paper and how it works with our MPVEs read this White Paper.




  • Specifically designed to pneumatically fracture tight soils, such as clay.
  • For use in conjunction with MPVE systems.
  • Custom-designed and manufactured wells.
  • Causes fracturing by injecting air, or gases, at a pressure exceeding the natural strength and in-situ stresses present in the formation.
  • Nutrient, H2O2 and O3 injection options available.
  • Pneumatic Airlift Systems (PALS) option available.


  • Increases removal rates by up to ten times.
  • Reduces costs by reducing remediation time and increasing efficiency.
  • Because carrier fluids are not used, the risk of fluid breakdown characteristics, something normally attributed to hydraulic fracturing, is nonexistent.

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