Integrated Treatment System (ITS)
  • One integrated system:
    • Plate Sediment Separation System
    • GEE Vacuum Oil/Water Separator
    • GEE Vacuum Air Stripper
    • Internal LNAPL storage tank
  • Uses gravity flow, therefore less pumps and controls are required. The result: less maintenance.
  • Reduces maintenance: no pumps or level controls between each process.
  • Achieve 5 ppm removal efficiency with M-Pak Coalescing Media.
  • GEE’s vacuum air stripper technology means a 50+% smaller thermal/catalytic oxidizer is required.
  • Less moving parts eliminates breakdowns, maintenance and reduces energy consumption.
  • Component integration translates into decreased emulsions.
  • GEE’s vacuum air stripper technology uses less than 1/5th the airflow of conventional stripping technology and increases efficiency.