EPT technology was successful in treating the H2S laden produced water to well below criteria for all required parameters.


The Oil and Gas industry often produce waste waters laden with toxic H2S.  This deadly component is expensive, time consuming and dangerous to treat using current technologies.  By removing the toxic component and treating the water, it is then available for reuse in further operations such as hydraulic fracturing processes. The goal of using EPT was to determine the effectiveness of the technology for treating this produced water to standards required for reuse.

The Solution

The EPT technology successfully treated H2S laden produced water, while greatly reducing TSS and bacteria, reducing the potential for plugging and fouling. The mobile EPT unit allows for plug and play mobility while continuing the high quality treatment process.



The Results

The required parameters in treating the H2S laden produced water included H2S, TSS, metals and bacteria. The EPT treated water exceed these parameters now allowing the clean water to be available for reuse and eliminating the need for disposal. 



ParameterUnitInitialPost EPT% Removal
Total Suspended Solids mg/L328.40.0299.9
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)mg/L5.90.00299.9
Oil and Greasemg/L83297.6
Bacteria MPN/100ml2420< 199.9

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Water
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Hydrogen Sulfide
Total Suspended Solids

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