The EPT technology was successful in treating all received waste waters to well below criteria for all required parameters for disposal to sewer.

The Situation

There are many waste handling and disposal facilities that receive a wide variety of waste waters, including industrial and sump or bilge water.  Traditionally, this waste stream is disposed of by injection into disposal wells, which can be costly and time consuming.  Some industrial waste streams, as well as sump or bilge water would require minimal treatment to be able to dispose of through local municipal sewage systems, reducing the costs associated and overall long term impact on the disposal well.

The Solution

The EPT mobile system successfully treated a wide variety of constituents within the waste stream simultaneously.  The large quantities of sump and bilge water were treated, removing TSS, bacteria as well as hydrocarbons.  The treated water met and exceeded all established criteria for disposal in the local municipal sewage system.

The Results

The EPT water treatment systems offers unique electrode geometry and power input allowing for a variety of treatment opportunities, from heavily contaminated industrial waste to sump and bilge water.  The EPT is able to treat waste constituents simultaneously at high flow rates.  The sump and bilge water treatment removed high TSS, various metals, phenols, and hydrocarbons, allowing for easy disposal through the existing sewage system.

ParameterUnitInitialPost% Removal
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L49600399.9
Iron (Fe)mg/L5220.799.9
Barium (B)mg/L9.880.3996.1

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Offshore and Onshore
New Brunswick
Key Product
Mobile Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Extracted Contaminants
Total Suspended Solids
Heavy metals

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