Ground Effects successfully eliminated 15,000ppm concentration of H2S in frac flowback waters on site, eliminating this toxic substance and related safety concerns.

The Situation

The isolated areas within the Montney unconventional reservoir make dealing with and disposal of H2S frac flow back waters time consuming and expensive.These areas often have limited infrastructure and operating capabilities.Treatment, storage and/or disposal of H2S waste water often involves transporting hazardous material large distances, to expensive disposal facilities.This in turn drives up the overall cost of fracing.The H2S contaminated waters must be handled with the strictest of care and control, with specialized equipment and highly trained personal, which is extremely expensive.In Northern BC, economic, environmental and operational demands challenge many hydraulic fracturing operators to produce results in a highly regulated and competitive market.


The Solution

The Electro Pure Technology (EPT) with advanced electrocatalytic oxidation (EOX) provided an onsite solution for the complete destruction of H2S contaminated flow back waters as well as long term elimination of bacteria.By understanding the complex interactions of the technology, the EPT system is able to effectively and efficiently treat high volumes and high rates of these hazardous materials making it available to reuse.


The Results

Ground Effects successfully deployed the Electro Pure Technology with advanced electro catalytic oxidation to treat H2S contaminated frac flow back at a site in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Hydrogen sulfide concentrations were reducedfrom 15,000ppm 0ppm. This field trial successfully destroyed H2S, as well as eliminated bacterial populations for an extended period of time.These include sulfate reducing bacteria, iron related bacteria and acid producing bacteria, all of which are key in the development of hydrogen sulfide within the formation , scaling, corrosion and poor well performance.

  • Reduced the costs and liability associated with storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous fluids
  • Proven, viable solution for eliminating H2S contamination in frac waters
  • Elimination of bacterial populations associated with production of hydrogen sulfide and corrosion for extended period of time
  • Sulfate reducing bacteria, acid producing bacteria and iron related bacteria eliminated for >30 days
  • Eliminate or reduce the use of biocides



Northern British Columbia, Canada
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