The EPT EOX treated natural brine waters extracting greater than 90% of valuable Lithium

The Situation

Lithium is one of the primary materials used in the creation of lithium-ion batteries-which are currently the dominant battery technology in use in electric vehicles.  With an increase in home energy system sales, electric vehicle sales and market presence, associated resource prices (such as lithium) may well rise without new, more economical extraction methods.  Current technologies to extract lithium and other highly sought after elements are energy and operationally intensive as well as extremely expensive, leaving the market open for new technological advancements. 

The Solution

Ground Effects has successfully extracted high grade lithium from natural brine waters in Montana, USA.  Through the use of a modified EPT EOX technologies, GEE was able to extract > 90% of the available lithium concentration.  This highly efficient and cost effective method allows large volumes of brine to be treated and the valuable lithium and other elements selectively extracted.

The Results

The EPT EOX treated natural brine waters from Montana and was able to extract greater than 90% lithium. 

- Viable solution for continuous treatment of vast quantities of brine without the need of chemicals

-Significantly reduces cost of processing, operation and maintenance.

-Easily expandable technology for even larger throughput.

The ResultsLow Concentration BrineHigh Concentration Brine
Percent Removal90%6.25%
Initial Concentration21mg/L160mg/L
Post Extraction Brine Concentration2.4mg/L150mg/L
Recovered Product Concentration460mg/L510mg/L

Case Study

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United States
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants

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