Ground Effects successfully implemented the EPT EOX as a major contributor to the treatment of municipal waste water meeting and exceeding criteria for discharge or irrigation.

The Situation

Every day, millions of cubic meters of sanitary sewage are flushed from homes, businesses, institutions and industries through sink drains and toilets into city sewer systems. Municipal wastewater contains sanitary sewage and is sometimes combined with storm water from rain or melting snow draining off rooftops, lawns, parking lots and roads. The sewer system takes the wastewater to a municipal wastewater facility for treatment.  Small municipalities, towns and villages must also treat this waste stream, however due to the size of these communities, viable treatment options are often cost prohibitive and therefore unrealistic, leaving a large gap in the treatment availability for these communities.

The Solution

Ground Effects has successfully implemented the EPT EOX system in both large and small municipal treatment facilities.  The EPT EOX system treats a wide variety of contaminants simultaneously, while having a significantly smaller footprint, low operating and maintenance costs.  The EPT EOX can be either in a fixed plant or mobile configuration for small to medium communities, offer a low cost solution to waste water treatment. 

The Results

The waste water treatment industry in North America is highly regulated.  As such there are specific water quality parameters that must be met prior to reuse or discharge.  The criteria may shift moderately due to the treated water discharge location.  As environmental regulations continue to tighten, specifically for discharge into bodies of water, communities will continue to require waste water treatment that is efficient and effective. 

The EPT EOX has met and exceeded all of the water quality parameters for discharge including those that are typically harder to treat.  


ParameterUnitInitialPost EPT EOX
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L1612
Total Ammoniamg/L11.730.99
Total Phosphorusmg/L3.910.12
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogenmg/L15.81.2
E. ColiMPN/100ml49,600<10
Total ColiformsMPN/100ml613,100<100

Case Study

Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Oil and Grease
Total Suspended Solids

Reference Case