Ground Effects successfully treated highly concentrated Sulfolane contaminated water.

The Situation

Sulfolane is an organosulfur compound that is a colorless liquid. It is commonly used in the chemical industry as a solvent for distractive distillation and chemical reactions. Sulfolane is miscible in both water and hydrocarbons resulting in its widespread use through out the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Inappropriate sulfolane waste disposal practices, leaks and spills during sulfolane production, storage, transportation and processes have led to widespread soil and water contamination. Due to the highly soluble nature of sulfolane in water, the impact of the contamination is often transported further distances beyond the original source.

The Solution

Sulfolane contaminated fluid can now be treated instead of down hole disposal, eliminating the risk of groundwater contamination. The EPT-EOX technology treats a wide variety of contaminants simultaneously within the waste stream, without the use of chemicals.

The EPT EOX Results

The EPT EOX treated high concentrated Sulfolane contaminated water to <0.09 mg/L

  • Viable solution for continuous treatment of sulfolane contaminated waters without the need of chemicals
  • Following treatment, the treated water can be discharged or reused. 
  • Reduced costs of chemical additives, operations and maintenance.

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Case Study

Alberta, Canada
Key Product
Mobile Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Extracted Contaminants

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