Proven solution with low capital & operating costs that's easy to operate.

GEE's cost-saving Electrocatalytic Oxidation System (EOX) solution for municipal wastewater treatment

GEE's cost-saving Electrocatalytic Oxidation System (EOX) solution for municipal wastewater treatment

Ground Effects Environmental Services (GEE) has an affordable and proven solution to treat municipal wastewater for  towns and cities to below criteria for phosphates and other contaminants. 

The current problem is that  towns and cities need to comply with discharge criteria for phosphates and other contaminants, with low capital and operating costs. 

The solution is GEE’s innovative 200 - 50,000 m3/day EOX municipal wastewater treatment plant. GEE's EOX treatment plant solution effectively treats phosphates, BOD, TSS, TOC and other contaminants, such as microplastics. The EOX solution has  low capital costs, low operating costs, a compact footprint and is highly effective for a broad spectrum of contaminant removal. GEE's EOX solution  can treat wastewater to environmental discharge criteria, without hefty capital investment costs or onerous operating costs.

1. Proven Municipal Broad Spectrum Contaminant Removal
As a world leader in developing advanced chemical-free technologies to treat wastewater, GEE's scalable EOX solution for municipal wastewater effectively removes phosphates, BOD,  TOC, TSS and micro-plastics. The GEE solution uses electrocoaguation with ozone as a catalyst to create Fenton’s Reagent, a powerful oxidant for the destruction of contaminants. The EOX technology’s small footprint and low operational costs presents a viable solutions for municipalities.

2. Proven Results
GEE's EOX municipal solution handles municipal wastewater and phosphates with ease. In a recent implementation for a city of roughly 10,000 pop'n , a commercial plant demonstrated efficient phosphate removal to below criteria, at 5,200 m3/day.  This system is fully scalable  up to 50,000 m3/day, . Contact GEE today for a presentation on what the technology can do for your municipality and the huge capital and operating savings you can realize. From lab and pilot testing to turnkey design and manufacturing, GEE can successfully do it all.

3. Compact Footprint, Scalable & Easy to Operate
The GEE EOX municipal wastewater solution using electrocoagulation, has a compact, modular design with low residence time, and high runtimes. It is scalable from 200 - 50,000 m3/day. We can bring your complete turnkey solution on-line in 6-8 months. In addition, the entire system can be optimized from anywhere in the world online. 

Operational Flow

Our proven municipal wastewater treatment solution effectively outperforms any other technology on the planet while maintaining the lowest capital and operating costs in the industry. The EOX solution has a compact footprint and is scalable up to any size and flow rate. We will work with you to design, engineer and commission the solution aligned to your specific project needs. Here are the steps:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment System Operational Flow Diagram

Municipal Wastewater Treatment System Operational Flow Diagram

1EOX - Electrocatalytic Oxidation

2Ozone Reactor

3Dissolved Air Flotation

Products Utilized

Customers and Industries

We build turnkey wastewater treatment and solids control solutions for:

  • Municipalities
  • Agricultural
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining

Delivery Type

Compact & Scalable
The EOX solution has proven results and is scalable up to at least 50,000 m3/day with a compact footprint.

Large-scale, turnkey technology...stand alone or in addition to existing technology.

Fixed Plant Operation
Stand alone or in addition to existing technology, fully scalable and easy to operate.


Financing: We have financing for rentals, leasing or design/build/operate arrangements.

Installation: We can plan, implement and oversee any installation of GEE systems with best practice project management. We know how to work with your team to get the project done on time and on budget.

Commissioning: We commission any GEE system solution and remain onsite until fully operational. We provide training and commissioning on any system anywhere in the world through our network of industry partners. 

Economics Savings

Our world-leading chemical-free, electrokinetic-based technology provides clients with the lowest capital and operating costs in any industry:

  • Lowest operating costs per m3 of treated wastewater in the world for any industry
  • Robust design and low maintenance costs
  • Compact footprints
  • High runtimes

Financing Options

We offer a variety of financing options from equipment rental to design/build/operate. Contact us to explore out which financing option works for your project.