Ground Effects successfully treated recovered leachate fluid from a landfill operation in Louisiana, USA.

The Situation

As rainwater infiltrates through landfill waste, it becomes contaminated with dissolved and suspended matter originating from the decomposing waste. The composition of the resulting leachate varies according to the nature of the landfill material which may include biodegradable/non-biodegradable materials, organic and inorganic materials as well as toxic and nontoxic waste.

This waste fluid, called leachate is collected and removed, either disposed off site, or treated on site to discharge criteria. The leachate is often a variable mixture of toxins, resulting in high disposal fees to truck off site, or expensive treatment equipment that requires modifications as the leachate changes over time.


The Solution


The leachate fluid was treated to discharge standards through the EPT EOX process, as well as advanced oxidation, and filtration. This broad-spectrum treatment was able to reduce or eliminate all toxins of concern including arsenic, hydrocarbons, pesticides and bacteria.


The EPT AEO Results


The EPT EOX treated waters from landfill leachate collection systems

  • Eliminating disposal costs for contaminated water
  • Viable solution for the onsite and continuous treatment of contaminated waste water
  • Following treatment, the cleaned water can now be safely discharged


ParameterUnitsInitialPost EPT EOX
TOCmg/L4200< 50
Total ColiformMPN/100ml>24200

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Louisiana, USA
Key Product
Mobile Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Extracted Contaminants
Total Suspended Solids
Heavy metals

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