Ground Effects successfully treated API separator effluent, exceeding secondary treatment criteria.

The Situation

An API oil-water separator is designed to separate gross amounts of oil and suspended solids from the wastewater effluent in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and other industrial oily water sources.

The performance limitations the water discharged from API type separators usually requires several further processing stages before the treated water can be discharged or reused. Further water treatment is designed to remove oil droplets smaller than 150 micron, dissolved materials and hydrocarbons, heavier oils or other contaminants not removed by the API.


The Solution

The API separator effluent  will vastly improve the output fluid from the dissolved gas floatation (DGF) unit, requiring significantly less treatment prior to reuse or discharge. The EOX technology treats a wide variety of contaminants simultaneously within the waste stream, without the use of chemicals.

EOX Results

The EOX treated effluent from the API-separator for discharge into DGF.

  • Viable solution for continuous treatment of separator effluent without the need of chemicals
  • Following treatment, the treated water goes through DGF with significant improvement in DGF effluent
  • Reduced costs of Chemical additives, operations and maintenance.

ParameterUnitsExisting Separator EffluentPost EOX Effluent
Chemical Oxygen Demandmg/L947236
Oil and Greasemg/L105.912.5
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L1397

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Offshore and Onshore
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Oil and Grease
Hydrogen Sulfide
Heavy metals

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