Ground Effects successfully treated water used in the food production, cleaning, and maintenance using the EPT-EOX technology.

The Situation

Food production in North America generates thousands of cubic meters of contaminated waste water daily. Due to the stringent regulator criteria for waters used in food production, cleaning, and maintenance, waters must meet or exceed strict regulatory parameters for reuse.

As such many technologies exist for water treatment to try to manage the copious quantities of waste water, however they are extremely expensive, time consuming and can be operationally difficult to manage.


The Solution

The EPT EOX technology can treat the wide variety of contaminants within the waste stream to below criteria, allowing the water to be reused within the production process. The reuse of water allows for a closed loop system, with minimal fresh water replacement.


The EPT EOX Results


The EPT EOX treated waters from food production, cleaning and maintenance:

  • Greatly reduces the use of fresh water as well as disposal costs for contaminated water
  • Viable solution for the onsite and continuous treatment of contaminated waste water
  • Following treatment, the cleaned water can now be reused within a closed loop treatment system


ParameterUnitsInitialPost EPT EOX
Ammoniamg/L8.1< 0.5
Total ColiformsMPN/100ml>24200
Thermotolerant ColiformsMPN/100ml>24200
Escherichia coliMPN/100ml>200.50

Case Study

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Key Product
Mobile Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Extracted Contaminants
Oil and Grease
Total Suspended Solids