ElectroPure technology was successful in treating the frac flowback water to well below criteria for all required parameters, and is now made available for reuse.

The Situation

Many Waste Facilities accept frac flowback waste streams for disposal.  As regulations on the use of fresh water continue to tighten, the industry examines new avenues to treat existing water for reuse.  Water used in the fracing process must meet specific criteria so that it does not hinder the process itself, or plug the formation.  As such, any water used for this is strictly monitored for quality, therefore any treatment process on a waste stream must continually supply this high quality water. 

The Solution

The EPT treatment process successfully treated the frac flowback water to well below criteria and is now available for reuse.  This valuable waste stream involved thousands of cubic meters of water that can easily replace fresh water in the fracing process.  The mobile EPT system seamlessly integrates into existing treatment processes or can be used as a stand alone treatment system. 



All required criteria for reuse have been met and exceeded using the EPT system.  This includes TSS, metals, extractable and volatile hydrocarbons, and bacteria.  In many instances gel frac flowback was seen as part of the waste stream.  This was also broken down and eliminated from the treated waters. 


ParameterUnitInitialPost EPT% Removal
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L120398
Iron (Fe) - Total mg/L1100.0699.9
F1 (C6 - C10) - BETXmg/L5900.4899.9
Extractable Hydrocarbonsmg/L3770.3399.9

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Total Suspended Solids

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