ElectroPure technology was successful in treating all waste waters provided including steel production waste water, grey water and raw sewage to well below criteria for reuse.

The Situation

A large vertically-integrated steel, mining and vanadium company is moving toward a zero liquid discharge facility.  Due to the large volume of waste water  produced daily, including steel production waste water, grey water from various processes and raw sewage, the challenge of numerous combined contaminants exists.  Traditionally, waste water would be given minimal treatment and disposal either through deep well injection, release or trucking off site.  As regulations increase and there is no longer an option of release; injection and trucking  quickly becoming uneconomical. 



The Solution

The EPT treatment system was successful in treating all waste streams simultaneously.  The efficiency of the EPT system to not only treat the combined waste but meet and exceed set criteria now allow the water to be available for full reuse within the operating facility.  This now allows the goal of a zero liquid discharge facility to become a reality, as well as significantly decrease the facilities use of fresh water. 


The Results

Due to the complex variety of contaminants in the steel manufacturing waste stream, the EPT treatment used various electrode geometries and power input parameters.  Through specifically designed treatment components, the EPT was able to meet and exceed criteria.  This included TSS, nitrates, BOD, metals, phenols and hydrocarbons.

ParameterUnitInitialPost EPT % Removal
Total Suspended Solids mg/L450199.8
Nitratesmg/L0.49< 0.0491.8
Extractable Hydrocarbonsmg/L2460< 2599

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Oil and Grease
Total Suspended Solids
Heavy metals

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