Ground Effects has successfully removed high concentrations of naturally occurring fluoride using the Pocket EOX.

The Situation

Throughout many parts of the world high concentrations of fluoride occurring naturally in ground water, can cause significant health risks, including fluorosis, a serious bone disease.  One of the major challenges faced by people in these effected areas is to provide clean drinking water.  Although low levels of this element is required for human health, excessive amounts can lead to health concerns. In areas that have high fluoride levels in ground water, fluorosis, both mild and severe are often endemic.  

There are several methods for defluorination technologies including adsorption, chemical precipitation, and electrodialysis  however they are expensive and operationally difficult to manage. In countries most effected, these technologies are not an option. 

The Solution

GEE wants to use its knowledge and skill as a world leader in water and soil treatment to help bring safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

GEE has used the principals of large scale water treatment and scaled it down to create the Pocket EOX, a personal, pocket sized water treatment system. These units are designed for people living in developing countries and will allow them to treat their own dirty, contaminated drinking water in a matter of minutes.

GEE’s Pocket EOX has no moving parts, no membranes and uses no chemicals. All it needs is two watts of electricity and can be charged using a car battery, scooter battery, cell phone battery backup or charger, or solar panel.

The system is simple, effective and portable. It can treat five gallons of water in minutes removing bacteria, viruses, arsenic, fluoride, cyanide, ammonia, phosphates, metals and many more contaminants.

The Results

The Pocket EOX Results

The Pocket EOX treated high naturally occurring fluoride waters, making the water below safe drinking water standards for fluoride.  The WHO recommends fluoride concentrations be below 1.5mg/L as safe for drinking water. 

  • Viable solution for individual use for the decrease or elimination of high fluoride concentrations in ground water
  • Completed without the need of chemicals or filtration
  • Following treatment, the cleaned water can now be available as potable water.
  • Easily used, unlimited lifetime of device



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