Ground Effects has successfully treated produced gas condensate waste water by EPT EOX exceeding criteria necessary for reuse as boiler feed water.

The Situation

During natural gas extraction and processing, water can be present.  During the processing this water is removed however often times has large quantities of various hydrocarbons dissolved in it.  These are traditionally time consuming and difficult to treat, often requiring multiple technology applications prior to disposal or reuse. 

The Solution

The Ground Effects EPT EOX system successfully treated produced gas condensate waste water, meeting and exceeding criteria.  Specific parameters of concern were total organic carbon (TOC), oil and grease, dissolved iron and total suspended solids.  The EPT EOX system treated this water and was now available for reuse as boiler feed water within the existing facilities processes.  Large quantities of produced gas condensate waste water are treated to stringent water quality standards by EPT EOX system. 

The Results

As the produced condensate gas waste water stream, when treated, is used as boiler feed water for processing, the volume treated and output quality must be consistent and continually meet or exceed water quality criteria.  The EPT EOX system has proven that it has the ability to treat large quantities of waste water to specific criteria reliably and dependably. 

ParameterUnitInitialPost EPT EOX
Total Organic Carbonmg/L120<3
Oil and Greasemg/L110
Dissolved Ironmg/L170.05
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L72<1
Reactive Silicamg/L13014

Case Study

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Water
Key Product
Electrocatalytic Oxidation
Extracted Contaminants
Reactive Silica
Total Suspended Solids
Oil and Grease

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